This seminal research from consultancy Age of Majority substantiates the extent to which mature consumers remain misunderstood and overlooked
by marketers, who are fixated on targeting youth.

Whitepaper: The Massive Growth Opportunity Marketers Are Missing.

The study surfaces a simple and powerful question to marketers: if you knew your brand was leaving millions of dollars of potential revenue on the table, would you do something about it?

With a hypothesis that marketers disproportionately invest in youth under false assumptions about aging shoppers, Age of Majority embarked on a national online study weighing marketer assumptions and practices against American consumer attitudes and behaviour. The study sampled a cross section of adult consumers and sales and marketing decision-makers spanning different ages and 18 product and service categories.

As predicted, this comparative approach exposed significant gaps between marketer perceptions and practices and actual consumer beliefs and shopping habits; contrasting attitudes between different age groups also reinforces broader societal biases toward aging.

The results are potentially eye-opening for marketers, and offer direction for better engaging the large and growing population of active aging consumers.

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