Top 10 Holiday Gifts for the Active Agers in Your Life

With the holidays just around the corner our team at Age of Majority has compiled its (fourth) annual list of the Top 10 holiday gift ideas for the Active Agers in your life. The list, prepared with input from our Revolution55 community, is sure to include the perfect item for even the toughest to buy for on your holiday list.

It’s our small gift to you with wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a healthy, safe and prosperous 2022.

#10. A food package from your favorite local purveyor(s)

Supporting local businesses continues to be important to Active Agers so why not gather up a few of their favorite items and present them in a beautiful basket? Don’t forget that special cheese they love, along with those biscuits they really shouldn’t be eating!

#9. At-home fitness equipment

While gyms continue to open up across the country, Active Agers have become accustomed to getting their exercise at home. There are lots of fitness equipment options to consider, from yoga mats, free weights and TRX equipment, all the way up to big-time (and big cost) equipment like exercise bikes and elliptical trainers.

#8. Slippers

Who doesn’t love a comfortable pair of slippers during the winter months? With many of us spending more time at home than ever before, what we’re wearing on our feet inside has become much more of a focal point. With styles ranging from playful to just plain conservative and comfortable, you are sure to find a pair that fits perfectly with the recipient’s personality and feet as temperatures drop.

#7. A spa treatment

Whether you are a frequent or rare spa visitor, it is tough to go wrong with a gift certificate to a local spa, especially when there are lots of treatment options available from facials to massages to manicures.

#6. A good book

Despite our Covid-related increased time spent watching our favorite shows or exploring one of the many streaming services, most of us still love a good book! There are lots of great book suggestion lists out there to help with the latest and greatest (fiction and non-fiction) works. Most friends and family members will gladly share their top picks with you if you are stuck for ideas.

#5. Wireless earphones or earbuds

Technology continues to make huge strides in the audio space, meaning there is sure to be an option out there that will be music to the ears of any Active Ager. For those who might be slightly to moderately hearing impaired there are even ear buds that double as hearing aids!

#4. A new experience

Why not help an Active Ager in your life check off one of the items on their bucket list? Older adults are looking for new experiences so think travel and adventure, sporting events, music festivals or even cooking or bartending classes (assuming they can be done safely).

#3. Sex toys!

Our recent survey with our Revolution55 community found that 2/3 of Active Agers are or would like to be more sexually active, so why not help them along, especially when 70% of them claim to have tried some form of sexual aid! There are lots of ‘toys’ and aids to choose from!

#2. An electric toothbrush

Unfortunately our dental health tends to decline as we get older and nothing says happy holidays – or at least happier teeth – more than a new electric toothbrush. It’s probably the most practical gift on our list this year, but one that will still bring great joy (and healthier mouths) to lucky recipients.

#1. A donation

For those Active Agers in your life who don’t want or need a gift, a donation to a cause that they care about and/or support will help bring joy to their (and possibly other) lives. It really is one of those gifts where the thought matters as much or more than the actual donation amount.

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