Top 10 Holiday Gifts for the Active Agers in Your Life

While this year’s holiday celebrations and festivities will look a lot different for most people, the act of giving and receiving gifts will continue, even if done virtually. To help you find the perfect gift for the Active Agers in your life, the team at Age of Majority has compiled its (third annual) list of the Top 10 holiday gift ideas. It features a little tech, a little practicality, some retro inspiration and a whole lot of fun.

It’s our small gift to you with wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a healthy, safe and prosperous 2021.

#10. Restaurant Gift Cards

Everyone has to eat and supporting local businesses has never been more important to Active Agers. And while dining-in may not be an option, getting take-out or delivery from your favorite local restaurants will be well-received this holiday season and a way of giving twice.

Restaurant Gift Card
Warm Slippers

#9. Slippers

Who doesn’t love a comfortable pair of slippers during the winter months?  With many of us spending more time at home than ever before, what we’re wearing on our feet inside has become much more of a focal point.  With styles ranging from playful to just plain conservative and comfortable, you are sure to find a pair that fits the recipient’s personality and feet perfectly as temperatures drop.

#8. Immunity Boosters

Personal health is top-of-mind for Active Agers and, not surprisingly, our research found boosting immune systems is a top priority. From vitamins and supplements to superfoods and personal care products, immunity boosters will be a welcomed addition to anyone’s stocking this year.

Vitamins & Supplements

#7. Virtual Classes

Many Active Agers want to learn new skills or to get better at something they have always loved or wanted to do but perhaps did not have the time to pursue before. Whether it’s helping them explore writing skills, express their artistic creativity, expand their culinary skills, or push themselves with an at-home workout, the gift of learning and practicing will be enjoyed (safely) well into the new year.

#6. Products for Home Comfort

Regardless of the climate you live in, Active Agers want to spend more time outside in a comfortable (and safe) way, especially with so many of us stuck at home. Items like outdoor heaters and table-top fireplaces (where locally permitted) will help extend the backyard season, or let it start a little earlier next spring.

Backyard Fire Pit
Nintendo Switch System with Animal Crossing Game

#5. A Gaming System

Online gaming has taken off during the pandemic and a new gaming system will be a huge hit in the Active Aging household. Who doesn’t love to play retro games that we grew up with along with new ones that could not be imagined at a time when Pong was the talk of the town (and arcades!).

#4. Stylishly Comfortable Clothing

While wearing pajamas throughout the day works for some people who are stuck at home, many Active Agers want stylish yet comfortable clothing to change into after breakfast.  After all, you have to look good (and feel good!) for all of those Zoom calls we can’t get enough of!

Active Agers Cycling in Active Wear

#3. Products for Activities With Built-In Social-Distancing

Participation rates in activities like cycling, walking, hiking, tennis, golf and paddling are growing like crazy and now is the perfect time to gift accordingly. Is there an Active Ager on your list who might enjoy a comfortable new pair of hiking shoes or some lightweight and water-resistant outerwear this holiday season?

#2. Hobbies

Spending more time at home has led to the start of new hobbies or the rekindling of activities that were once given up.  Whether it be completing puzzles, knitting or learning a new language or instrument, Active Agers have the time and desire to try new things, often just for the fun of it!

Active Ager drawing
Zoom Video Call with Family

#1. (Virtual) Time with Friends & Family

With many travel plans put on hold this holiday season, getting together with family and friends will have to take place virtually.  Although some Active Agers are already quite adept at connecting virtually, many would love gifts that help them spend quality time with those they love. This might even be in the form of new products or screens or tech support to get them up and running on a live-streaming platform. Perhaps add to the mix some tools (i.e. baking or craft kits) that let people do an activity together, even if miles apart.

Nintendo Switch photo credit: Vantage_DS /

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