Top 10 Halloween Treats for Active Agers

by Jeff Weiss

It’s October 2020 and like everything else this year, Halloween won’t be the same. Although if you think about it, Halloween is the one event that makes sense in our current situation given that most people are already wearing masks.

Like many Active Agers, I have fond memories of Halloween.  My friends and I would get out as soon as the sun went down and we’d stay out as late as possible, all for the sake of maximizing our candy haul. Eventually, we had to face the inevitable question of what is the appropriate age to stop trick or treating.  I can’t exactly recall how old I was when I faced that reality but it was likely one year too late!

After our son was born and he was old enough to go out with his friends, my memories shifted to times when I would walk the neighborhood with other parents (usually – I’ll admit – with a well-concealed beer or bourbon in hand), sneaking a hand into his candy bag when he wasn’t looking, to snack on one of my favourite treats.

I’m not sure why trick or treating is just for kids.  After all, who doesn’t like getting dressed up in a costume now and again? And it’s not like you lose your taste or cravings for chocolates and sweets as you get older. I’m surprised that candy companies haven’t figured out a way to expand their market on this day that was made just for adults, and more specifically for those heavily nostalgic Active Agers!

So, armed with the belief that Halloween was still a “thing” for older consumers, we wanted to find out what would top their list of candy favorites.  To that end, we surveyed our Revolutionaries (i.e. members of our Revolution55 online community) and came up with a list of the Top 10 Halloween Treats for Active Agers:


If you’re interested in gathering insights from Active Agers through our proprietary community, Revolution55, contact us for more information. We promise, it won’t be in the least bit scary.

And Happy Halloween!

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