The Active Agers Dominating Instagram Right Now

by Maddie Tannenbaum

It’s becoming less of a secret that more older consumers are embracing social media platforms as a way of connecting with friends and family, but also as a way of learning about new products and services. What’s less well known is that a number of Active Agers are also amassing a large, loyal following and a growing influence that rivals or surpasses many millennial stars of social media – and brands are taking notice. Below, we highlight a sampling of them who are currently racking up a considerable following and getting lucrative brand partnerships.

Lorraine C. Laidish
Lorraine C. Laidish@lorraineclaidish
Based in Florida, Lorraine is a fitness-oriented blogger and proud mother who posts inspirational photos of her everyday family life and workout sessions.
Followers: 20.6 k
Brands she’s worked with: Align Probiotics, Omron Healthcare, Publix, Always, Ensure, Mitsubishi, Toyota
Greg Berzinsky
Greg Berzinsky@berzinsky
Crushing the stereotypes about fitness and aging, Greg shows that things do get better with age. His posts consist of his modelling photos, as well as informal snaps in the gym or with his family.
Followers: 169 k
Brands he’s worked with: Glenlivet, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Top Golf, Dove, GoDaddy
Sara Jane Adams
Sara Jane Adams@saramaijewels
The antique-jeweller-turned-influencer has relied on her unique sense of style and spunky attitude to gain a loyal following.
Followers: 182 k
Brands she’s worked with: L’Oréal, H&M, Sally Hansen, IBM, 7 For All Mankind, Mercedes Benz
Lyn Slater
Lyn Slater@iconaccidental
One of the most well-known Active Ager influencers, Lyn in a force to be reckoned with in the fashion and lifestyle sphere. Her mix of high-fashion and street style snaps make her both iconic (hence the handle) and relatable at the same time.
Followers: 668 k
Brands he’s worked with: Visa, La Marca Prosecco, Brooklinen, Mango, Oribe, Kate Spade, Facebook

This is just a sampling of some of the most influential Active Agers on Instagram. Their sheer existence (and growing popularity) disproves the stereotype that millennials totally own social media – with older influencers being very much on trend, and here to stay. Brands are realizing the potential value of entering into partnerships with them, with their ability to reach and engage with a distinct and lucrative audience mix.

If you’re interested in learning more about the world of social influencers and how your brand might engage them, please reach out to us.

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