How Active Agers Shop Online

How today’s 55+ consumers use technology to engage with and buy from the brands they love.

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Continuing Our Digital Mission

In Age of Majority’s 2021 Digital by Device Research Report, we dispel once and for all the myth of the “tech-adverse senior”.

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We found that most people aged 55 and up use modern technology all of the time, for various purposes throughout their day-to-day lives.

This is especially true when it comes to online shopping. As our initial report showed, roughly 95% of adults 55+ (Active Agers) have embraced E-Commerce, to some degree. And only a small percentage of the remaining respondents actively shun the concept of E-Commerce outright.

To better understand how Active Agers use technology for E-Commerce purposes, Age of Majority and The Good surveyed members (identified as online shoppers) of Age of Majority’s Revolution55 Insights Community (all ages 55+). Community members were asked to share their thoughts on a large variety of E-Commerce practices and attitudes along with their general outlook on digital commerce, altogether. The Good then analyzed these responses to form the basis for this report. See methodology at end of this report.

Overall, a majority of Active Agers (83%) shop and other-wise engage with brands online at least once a month, with many doing so more frequently.

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