Connecting with Caregivers

New study provides a compass for companies and organizations appealing to the increasingly important family caregiver audience.

Family caregivers are often gatekeepers to reaching older adults, who require assistance, helping them choose products and services that support their care and/or that help them live independently.

Based on a comprehensive survey of more than 2,100 family caregivers throughout North America, this ground-breaking report provides a compass for companies and organizations appealing to this increasingly important audience.

  • Get an in-depth profile of caregivers in North America
  • Learn about the needs of caregivers and their care recipients and what is likely to trigger their demand for products and services
  • See why you should jump on the opportunity now to build affinity with caregivers

What’s included in the Package?

Downloadable Report

84-page PDF report that includes complete findings from the research with insightful data, charts and commentary based on the research findings.

Executive Summary

An easy-to-read Executive Summary PDF, in presentation format, that includes the key findings and is easily shareable to those who do not want to review the entire report.

Full report includes practical, data-driven insights under the following core sections:

  • Survey Methodology
  • Executive Summary
  • Who are the Family Caregivers?
  • Who are the Care Recipients (according to caregivers)
  • The Nature of Care Being Provided
  • Caregiver – Care Recipient Relationships & Conversations
  • The Caregiver Support System
  • Paid Caregiving Needs
  • Caregiving Products/Services Opportunity
  • The Role of Technology in the Future of Caregiving
  • Looking to the Future of Caregiving
  • Caregiver Profiles (a closer look at key caregiver groups)
  • Appendix (demographic profile of family caregivers)
If you are selling to the active aging (55+) audience and haven’t yet considered family caregivers – Connecting with Caregivers is an essential starting point.
Colin Milner
International Council on Active Aging