Insights from our Revolutionaries

by Jeff Weiss

It’s been a very exciting few weeks for us at Age of Majority with the recent launch of our online community – Revolution55. The response has been overwhelming with interest, enthusiasm and engagement levels all exceeding our expectations.

We established Revolution55 as a community that gives Active Agers a voice to help us on our mission to break the myths and crush the stereotypes and stigmas associated with aging. Our members – now known as Revolutionaries after a community vote – have been hard at work helping with a variety of challenges and initiatives, while generating new learning and insights for us.

From a client perspective, our community has provided invaluable input that has helped us craft a unique positioning and identify the most desirable benefits for a new start-up launching this summer, along with the selection of a name and a logo.

Our Revolutionaries have provided us with knowledge and insights through a multitude of exercises across a wide variety of areas. They have been thoughtful and enthusiastic in their responses, proving that Active Agers are eager to have their opinions heard. Some samples of the learning we have uncovered include:

  • Seeing acceptance of a light-hearted approach to advertising during the pandemic, based on feedback from a TV spot from Bulleit Bourbon;
  • Getting insights into their health maintenance routines, including how 89% of Revolutionaries are incorporating supplements/vitamins into their daily routine (meaning that only 11% do not!) with Vitamin D being the most commonly absorbed supplement (with 2/3 of respondents taking it on a daily basis);
  • Better understanding the impact of Covid-19 on shopping: 4 in 10 Revolutionaries are either extremely uncomfortable or not very interested in returning to in-store shopping now that physical stores are re-opening; and more than 2/3 (72%) are uncomfortable with the idea of a COVID tax to offset additional costs related to the pandemic;
  • Gaining a sense of what life after Covid might look like: for example almost 2/3 of Revolutionaries are uncomfortable/very uncomfortable heading back to the movie theater once it is deemed safe to do so, while over half have increased their use of streaming services. Home entertainment is here to stay!

We are engaging our community of Active Agers several times a week so if you have any urgent questions that need answers, let us know and we’ll explore how the community might work for you.

Connecting with Caregivers

Connecting with Caregivers

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