How Active Agers Perceive the Myths about Aging

How Active Agers Perceive the Myths about Aging

Given our society’s relentless pursuit of youthfulness, it’s no secret that getting older is portrayed as undesirable.

As such, aging is associated with many negative stigmas, stereotypes, and myths. This report explores how these stereotypes are perceived by older consumers who are too frequently overlooked or misrepresented by marketers.

Key Takeaways

With 70% of Active Agers bothered by at least one stereotype, avoiding these stigmas and myths in your marketing efforts would be a wise decision. Furthermore, disregarding these stereotypes and shattering them would be beneficial for your brand. Not only are you reaching a large and robust consumer base, but you are also winning over potentially loyal and long-term customers.


Active Agers in the Revolution 55 community (all ages 55+) selected the myths that they find most bothersome.

750 respondents participated in the survey between May 21 – June 4, 2021.

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