This manifesto is a distillation of our beliefs, attitudes and approach to design for the active ager. Our clients are our partners, and as such we like to share our design manifesto publicly, so our partners know how we view and approach design.

Design is a process

Design, at its core, is about conveying ideas, experience and meaning – at AOM we look at design through the lens of ‘what problems are we trying to solve?’.

For us design is about that journey. We don’t always know where we will end up at the start, but through our process we know that we will end up with a solution that creates value of those involved.

We believe…

Good design should be for all, not reserved for just the young. Good design can help break the myths, and crush the stigmas and stereotypes associated with aging. Active Agers should be featured prominently and accurately in visuals. Society will reap the benefits of being more inclusive of Active Agers.

We recognize…

Active Agers are diverse; their preferences are unique and variable. We have never seen a generation like this before, living longer with greater vitality, ambition and wealth. Design should adapt to the natural changes a person’s body experiences with aging; including changes to their vision, dexterity and memory. For Active Agers multidisciplinary design approaches are necessary.

We will…

Dedicate ourselves to quality design solutions for the Active Aging population. Inform our design solutions with our insights around the Active Aging consumer. Not accept trade-offs that affect design quality. Constantly learn from Active Agers about their needs and preferences. Continuously build and share our knowledge and skills with regard to design for Active Agers. Be inclusive in our use of visuals and depictions of this population. Strive to crush the myths, stigmas and stereotypes associated with aging consumers.