Designing for Seniors – The Dirty Little Secret


Almost anything that is overtly designed or marketed for a “traditional” old person is destined for failure. It’s the kiss of death as many older consumers would rather forgo convenience and functionality (and even security) for dignity.

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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks


To celebrate my birthday, my wife and son got me a few gifts to enable me to break some of those stereotypes associated with aging. I loved them all, but my favorite is an experience I’ll be soon enjoying on the coast of Maine. It’s something I have always wanted to do but have never gotten around to it. You guessed it, I am going SKYDIVING!

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Getting Over your FOMO


There is another form of FOMO that is much different, yet with equally widespread effects. The new FOMO I am witnessing on a frequent basis is the Fear of Marketing Older. Although we have uncovered several reasons why businesses and marketers are largely ignoring Active Aging consumers, in my mind FOMO is the one that represents the largest barrier.

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A message from our CEO on his 55th Birthday.


When I went to bed last night, I felt fully prepared to face a new life with all the limitations and barriers that society says we’ll face when we are old. Today is the big day. Today is my 55th birthday. But a funny thing happened when I woke up today… Nothing had changed

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I am 54 years “OLD.”


In my last month of being 54, I am more excited than ever about my future. I am working harder than I ever have in my 30+ year career and I am more invigorated than I have ever been. I can no longer offer a timeframe of if and when I will retire, especially since I am a firm believer that we have entered a new age of “rewirement”.

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Pickleball – Is This Lawn Bowling 2.0?


Recently I have been introduced to a relatively new game known as “Pickleball”. What is Pickleball? For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Pickleball is a sport played on a badminton-sized court with the net set to a height of 34 inches at the center.

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Make the font larger: Designing for the Active Ager audience


When it comes to discussing design for an aging population, conversations like this tend to drift towards the limitations that come with aging. These ‘design for seniors’ discussions typically touch on issues affecting vision and hearing, motor control, memory and cognition.

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