Active Agers Feel Positive Towards RVs, but Few Own One Themselves

Active Agers Feel Positive Towards RVs, but Few Own One Themselves

Active Agers are not content to sit at home and watch the world pass them by.

They are physically, mentally, socially, and digitally active and want to enjoy life to the fullest. It should come as no surprise that many Active Agers enjoy traveling and an often-overlooked method of transportation are Recreational Vehicles (or RVs).
This report explores attitudes about and experiences with RVs among Active Agers.

Key Takeaways

There is a lot of room for growth in RV sales by targeting Active Agers.  Interest levels have grown since the pandemic started and most older adults have generally positive attitudes about RVs, yet current ownership rates are fairly low.
Furthermore, a large portion of older who do not own an RV have very limited exposure to them, with almost a third having never been inside an RV.
Respondents identified a number of attributes about RVs that make them a great way to travel. These attributes could be great places to start if you are hoping to reach the Active Ager market.


Active Agers in the Revolution 55 community (all ages 55+) were asked about their experiences with and attitudes about RVs

804 respondents participated in the survey that was conducted between October 6-15, 2021

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