1) A brand is thinking of targeting consumers 55+ online and is wondering if it will be a good place to reach them. What percentage of consumers 55+ consider themselves to be tech-savvy?

Choose one of the options below.





2) A brand is choosing themes for a new campaign centered around what older consumers are looking forward to the most in life. Which two of the following areas should they focus on to resonate the most with consumers 55+?

Choose two of the options below.

Mastering an instrument or new language.

Taking unlimited naps.

Starting a new business.

Visiting an exotic place.

Renovating a house.

Moving into a retirement residence.

Joining a weekly card, game, or book club.

Watching TV all day.

3) A brand is choosing a celebrity influencer that they want to be perceived as desirable and sexy by consumers 55+. Which male celebrity should they choose?

Choose one of the options below.

Pierce Brosnan

Hugh Jackman

George Clooney

Zac Efron

Ryan Gosling

Michael B. Jordan

Harrison Ford

4) A brand is choosing a celebrity influencer that they want to be perceived as desirable and sexy by consumers 55+. Which female celebrity should they choose?

Choose one of the options below.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Elizabeth Hurley

Sandra Bullock

Kim Kardashian

Selena Gomez

Taylor Swift

5) A brand wants to engage older consumers through partnerships with external organizations. Which of the following areas would make a good choice, with more than half of 55+ consumers actively interested?

Choose one of the options below.

Continuing Education

Local Politics

Volunteer Work


Social/Religious Clubs

All of the above

6) A brand is choosing imagery for a new gym that is specifically targeting consumers 55+. What image should they avoid, as it would perform the worst with consumers 55+?

Choose one of the options below.

7) A brand is launching a new, modern version of an existing product, but they are concerned about how it would be adopted by older adults. What four modern amenities are the most used by consumers 55+?

Choose four of the options below.

Used a streaming television service.

Ordered groceries online.

Hailed a car from a ride-share app.

Online banking.

Video-chatted a friend or relative.

Used an e-reader.

Used a smartphone to control home tech.

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How well do you know the Active Aging consumer?

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Were you surprised what you knew (or didn’t know) about today’s Active Aging consumer?

We hope you enjoyed our quiz. There is much to discover about this group of consumers who are unlike any consumer group that has existed before. They represent decades of experiences, ideas, learning and consumer savviness with a continuing thirst for new challenges and discovery.

We offer these 5 takeaways as food for thought for those actively targeting the 55+ consumer, assessing their marketing opportunities with this group or just watching with interest:

Takeaway #1 – Watch Out for “Old” Thinking

The Active Aging consumer is “aging” differently than any previous generation. Longer, healthier lives have eliminated previous concepts of “old age”. People 55+ think of themselves much like they always have. That means they are likely to reject ageist notions that they are any less capable physically or mentally. So, treat them as they are – knowledgeable and experienced, yet also ready to learn and experience what’s new.

Takeaway #2 – The Age of Empowerment

The internet and technology are far from being barriers to older consumers. They are key tools of the trade in empowering themselves with product information, staying connected and feeding their curiosity. Brands need to be creative and inclusive in connecting with Active Agers across digital channels and mobile technologies.

Takeaway #3 – “CelebraAGE”

Brands need to tread carefully particularly when dealing with society’s negative biases towards aging. For Active Agers, aging and the experiences that come with it are to be celebrated. They are not looking to fight their age, but to embrace everything experience has given them, while being the best versions of themselves today. For marketers that means realizing Active Agers are forward thinking, throwing themselves into the future, not yearning for the past. So, help these consumers get there!

Takeaway #4 – “The Role of xxx Will Be Played By …Active Agers”

Employment, demographic and economic trends are re-shaping roles played by Active Agers. The majority plan to work after 65, many are looking to pursue passions, while others are balancing roles as caregivers (for older and younger generations). Brands have almost endless opportunities to feed their passions, to nurture their entrepreneurial spirit or work life, or to support their role as caregivers for both elderly parents and grandchildren.

Takeaway #5 – Building Generational Bridges

It has become common in society to pit generations against one another (“OK Boomer”) and to emphasize their differences. Some of the most successful marketing we see today counters this trend. Older generations are anxious to connect with people of all generations and relate well to situations that celebrate inter-generational connections. For brands this means thinking of how they can depict older and younger consumers in ways that demonstrate their commonalities and represent them as being on equal footing, sharing perspectives and experiencing things together.