A message from our CEO on his 55th Birthday.

If you have been following these last few weeks you’ve seen me eagerly preparing to meet society’s expectations of someone who’s 55. When I went to bed last night, I felt fully prepared to face a new life with all the limitations and barriers that society says we’ll face when we are old. Today is the big day. Today is my 55th birthday. But a funny thing happened when I woke up today… Nothing had changed. I looked and felt the same way that I did yesterday. I hadn’t lost any of my abilities, my desires, my motivations. And there’s a good reason for this. Today I joined the ranks of all the others who will turn 55 this year, the vast majority of us will be Active Aging consumers. We’re part of over 70 million Active Agers in North America who are healthier, and have more time and money to spend that any 55+ group that has come before them.I am looking forward to the future more now than I ever have before. My mission is to break the myths and crush the stereotypes and stigmas associated with aging. At Age of Majority we are doing that every day by working directly with marketers and businesses to help them recognize that Active Agers are a target market that is being ignored and underserved.  We think that we can ultimately help to change false societal assumptions, while helping businesses increase their bottom line. So, if you are an Active Ager – follow us on our social channels, get in touch, we’d love to hear how you are thriving past 55. So, here’s to the future, and hat’s off to all the Active Agers out there.

Jeff Weiss

CEO (Chief Evagelist Officer)
Age of Majority
April 18, 2019

View Jeff’s preparation for #Turning55 in our video series below:

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Connecting with Caregivers

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