Connecting with Caregivers

New study provides a compass for companies and organizations appealing to the increasingly important family caregiver audience.

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Across categories nearly three quarters of consumers 55+ feel marketers have not done a good job connecting with people their age!

Here is your opportunity to change the way marketers engage older consumers. Age of Majority is proud to launch Revolution55, our new online community that enables brands to connect more deeply with the powerful 55+ (Active Aging) consumer.

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why Active Agers and not Boomers?

Baby Boomers were born between 1946-1964. There are approximately 82 million Baby Boomers in the United States and Canada today and they are characterized and lumped together by only one thing —their age.

Yet, looking at age or demographics alone carries huge limitations when trying to market to a group of consumers which spans 18 years in age. It is not inconceivable to think that a parent and his/her child could exist in this same demographic bucket. Potential variances in lifestage, attitudes, interests and behavior suggest looking at other characteristics as well is fundamental to effectively identifying, reaching and engaging older consumers.

That is where Active Aging consumers come in. Active Agers are comprised of both Baby Boomers and older people who are young at heart, flush with cash, and account for $2.9 trillion in spending every year. The term Active Agers describes a lifestyle that will remain relevant for marketers guiding how to reach them and how to speak to them in a way that appreciates their preferences and aspirations over their age. They are active mentally, physically and socially. Yet they are largely ignored by marketers and are craving your attention.

Free eBook: Eight Trends Impacting Community Living

Here we have broken down 8 trends with the potential to influence what your prospects are really looking for — everything from the food you serve, the amenities you offer to how you integrate with the outside community. We explore what’s behind each trend and what you can do about it.

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Expanding the Market for Element Nutrition

We helped nutraceutical company, Element Nutrition, significantly broaden its potential market in preparation of their launch of an innovative protein-based brand formulated to prevent muscle loss in individuals over the age of 40.  Based on consumer insights captured around health and wellness attitudes and behaviours, we identified a much larger market for the new brand than was originally anticipated by the client, along with findings that fed directly into the development of everything from product packaging, messaging, imagery and the overall marketing plan.

Doobies, dildos and drum solos

New research with 2,500 Americans (including 1,500 aged 55+) from Age of Majority and Head Solutions Group dispels any myth that older Americans are slowing down between the sheets or giving up their partying ways. They are defying outdated perceptions about how they should behave, proving that we shouldn’t underestimate their willingness to experiment with new ideas.

So, jump aboard this rock and roll train and enjoy a glimpse into the lives of today’s 55+ American.

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Engaging Active Agers/Motivating Purchase for Atlas Care

With a large percentage of its clients within the Active Aging consumer space, AtlasCare Heating & Cooling was experiencing flat growth in demand for its home service offerings. We executed a multi-faceted marketing program using search, programmatic, enhanced web design, content and navigation, radio and TV sponsorships, direct mail and e-mail marketing to engage and motivate higher income Active Agers. Our educational approach with information-hungry mature consumers built brand loyalty, while targeted promotions drove a more than 100% year-over-year increase in demand for select HVAC services. Qualitative research also identified new ways of communicating with the company’s core Active Aging customer, including via text and online chat.

Inspiring Active Aging Consumers

We helped RBC inspire the Active Aging consumer to start thinking about their retirement differently by driving awareness and education to support the Retirement Designers Program.  Research and insights informed our strategy of reaching this target through content and media they were already consuming and through spokespeople and influencers that would truly resonate.  Rather than relying on financial news outlets and experts (who they often found intimidating), we created content with influencers and spokespeople that tapped into the AA’s passion points – travel, home renovations, décor and hobbies – encouraging them to consider how they could spend their retirement hours pursuing these passions. By sparking this interest, we were able to drive them to a branch or on-line to experience the program.

Driving Healthy Sales of California Prunes

We helped California Prunes generate awareness among women aged 45+ of the bone health benefits of prunes. Women in this age group are more likely to develop Osteoporosis and have higher rates of bone loss than other segments of the population. By leveraging our long-standing strong relationships with dietitians and other relevant influencers as credible third-party spokespeople, we increased sales revenue of California Prunes by 8% in just one year.

Generating Funds for Brain Health Research

We helped Women’s Brain Health Initiative (WBHI) create a highly successful sponsorship package, that educated potential donors on women’s brain-aging disorders.  While much of the research on brain health still focuses on men, 70 per cent of new Alzheimer’s patients are women and they are twice as likely to have strokes or develop dementia. With our in-depth understanding of older women dealing with the challenges associated with brain health, our efforts enabled WBHI to generate funds for scientific research on women, as well as for educational events and seminars and for newspaper inserts that drew attention to this cause.

Speak. Facilitate. Kick-start.

Our talks and workshops have informed and inspired individuals and groups of all sizes and ages. We help teams immediately apply the learning in targeting and engaging older consumers.

We work collaboratively with clients to come up with a compelling topic based on their particular interests and audiences. Popular themes we’ve addressed include debunking the myths associated with aging consumers, marketing to and engaging the Active Aging consumer and developing compelling brand positioning. We are always out to inspire, inform and empower our clients whether they have a specific business challenge at hand or are seeking professional development options for staff.

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Are you looking for a unique professional development opportunity? Challenge your team and unlock the potential of the 55+ market with this highly engaging, entertaining and enlightening half-day presentation and workshop.

Age of Majority Chief Evagelist officer, Jeff Weiss, will deliver his popular presentation — The Dirty Dozen Myths of Aging Consumers — and lead an interactive workshop to bring the opportunity of the older consumer home to your company.

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Whitepaper: The Massive Growth Opportunity Marketers Are Missing

The Massive Growth Opportunity That Marketers Are Missing

The study surfaces a simple and powerful question to marketers: if you knew your brand was leaving millions of dollars of potential revenue on the table, would you do something about it?

The results are potentially eye-opening for marketers, and offer direction for better engaging the large and growing population of active aging consumers.

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