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If you knew your brand was leaving millions of dollars of revenue on the table, would you do something about it?

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why we exist

Throughout our collective management consulting, brand management and agency experience, including our work at Harbinger, where we focus on marketing to women, we have observed a huge gap in how the market perceives, portrays and engages mature consumers. That’s why we launched Age of Majority.

We’re on a mission to break the myths and to crush the stigmas and stereotypes associated with aging and to help brands identify and exploit business opportunities to grow revenue and affinity with the mature consumer audience.

Age of Majority refers to the largest, wealthiest and fastest growing consumer cohort:
The mature consumer, age 55+

how we help

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clients we have helped

For 15 years, have conceived and executed programs to help the brand challenge conventions and redefine ‘beauty’, including how consumers perceive and embrace aging.  In 2007, helped to launch the Pro-Age product line with a unique campaign encouraging women to celebrate the beauty in aging.

For a new, naturally-derived menopause relief product, mapped the consumer mindset and journey, and proposed consumer-centric changes to positioning, messages, packaging and marketing communications tactics to address purchase barriers.

In anticipation of launching a new ‘mature skin’ formulation, identified a critical consumer knowledge-gap and conceived a consumer study and consumer education program on changing skin needs associated with aging.

Recognizing a segment of mature women who are still very engaged in the world around them, and who invest in premium drugstore haircare, helped to re-position Nexxus to be the brand for premium, on-the-go mature women.  Understanding her passion points – her home and the arts – we helped Nexxus break through the beauty landscape clutter and connect with the mature consumer on a deeper level.

our leadership team

The Age of Majority leadership team oversees the design and execution of all client work, thought-leadership and speaking engagements. They are supported by a team of consultants and bolstered by AoM’s key advisors and extended network of subject matter experts.

Jeff Weiss
Jeff WeissPresident and CEO
As a Baby Boomer with over 30 years of marketing experience on both the client and agency sides of the business, Jeff has witnessed the dramatic changes of the aging population. In his experience of working for and with major brands including Pepsi, Gillette, Dannon, KitchenAid and Unilever, he understands why major brands and corporations are missing the boat on the over 55 crowd
and he knows what’s necessary to take advantage of this largest and fastest growing segment in business.
Jennifer Lomax
Jennifer LomaxHead of Strategy
A former management consultant and brand-side marketer, Jennifer is passionate about asking the right questions and using the right information to unlock winning business ideas that help brands drive affinity and growth with consumers. She’s a millennial by the numbers, and an old soul at heart.
Deborah Adams
Deborah AdamsHead of Operations
Just shy of being a Baby Boomer herself, Deborah has over 25 years of marketing consulting experience working on award winning brands such as Gillette, Unilever, Whirlpool and Ferrero Rocher. Over the years she has helped brands differentiate themselves to build equity both short and long term. She is passionate about understanding consumer behaviour as it evolves through life stages, particularly with the 55+ crowd.

our POV

Teetotalers We Are Not!

Observing these active ager lifestyle changes, and considering the large amount of spending in food and beverages attributed to the over 55 crowd, it amazes me to see the disproportionately high marketing investment in younger consumers.

The Shelf Life of Older People

Let’s keep the term “shelf life” for things that really do go bad as they get older. The thought that the worth of individuals diminishes with old age is long out-of-date and expired many years ago.

Digital Delusions

We can all agree that today’s tweens, teens and twenty-somethings, do digital differently than their parents. But the there’s a monumental difference between ‘doing digital differently’ and ‘not doing digital at all’ – a concept that many marketers seem to struggle with.

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products & services

We differentiate from traditional research houses and creative agencies through our focused expertise and our integrated approach. By engaging the appropriate subject matter experts, consumers and client-stakeholders for the issue at hand, we deliver a fresh perspective and actionable ideas to win with the mature consumer.

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